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The European and Mediterranean link resource
Nanotechnology Industries is a non-profit company geared towards the research development and application of nanotechnology. This includes, although not exclusively, collective data, online public awareness, consultation, lab cooperation and the password1
 SPM homepage by Stephan Altman
A lot of SPM related links
The Ultimate source for Mendeleev periodic table of elements. Vast amount of information! Highly recommended.
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  [21:04:00] GPI300 specifications were added
  [24:10:99] Equipment section was added
  [25:09:99] Keyboard navigation system was added (try "h" for help)
  [23:09:99] Sci-world search algorithm was updated - enjoy!.
  [06:09:99] Personal pages section updated.
  [11:07:99] Well, too many news for you: we've started to build a Scientific Internet Catalogue.
In addition, our gallery was updated with a MM Director presentation, devoted to carbon nanotubes.

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