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Andrey Klimov

Staff Researcher
Telephone: (095) 132-8190 (lab)
Fax: (095) 135-0170
Born February 17, 1958, Moscow. Married, three kids.


1981 - M.S. in Physics (quantum electronics), Moscow State University, Physics faculty, General Physics and Wave Processes Department (head - Prof. A.S.Akhmanov).

Experimental physics skills:
Surface science: Experimental investigations of gas-surface interactions by means of "RIBER" Ultra-High-Vacuum equipment (Electron Spectroscopies, Mass Spectrometry) and Scanning Tunneling Microscope technique for nanoscale surface technology. Laser physics: Raman Scattering via argon(krypton)-ion laser excitation; Nd-YAG, CO2 lasers, VS, IR optics, spectroscopy and associated techniques

Programming skills: Automation (interfacing, control and data acquisition) of complicated surface science equipment and development of new methods for data processing. The software packages for different kinds of spectroscopies and microscopy images processing have been designed under C++ compiler as a main tool. Friendly with programming for DSP (ADSP-21020 and ADSP 2181) controlled boards.

Electronic engineering skills: Integration of various pieces of scientific equipment into unique complex. Experimental set-up maintenance (modification, adjustment and repairing). Development of analog and digital electronic circuits for data acquisition.

Teaching skills: Supervision and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students in thesis preparation and software development.

Language skills: Fluently speaking and good written English.

Awards and Scholarships:
1989: Prime prize of Scientific Council of IOFRAN.
1994: Scholarship of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Italy).


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