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Valerij Martynov

Research Associate.
Telephone: (095) 132-8190 (lab)
Fax: (095) 135-0170
E-mail: valera@kapella.gpi.ru
Born March 5, 1948, Moscow.


In 1979 finished a post-graduated course in Moscow State University (MSU), Physics Department.
In 1973 graduated from MSU, Physics Department, M.S. in Physics.


1986- till now: Russian Academy of Sciences, General Physics Institute (before 1992: USSR Academy of Sciences). Research Associate.
1979-1986: USSR Academy of Sciences, General Physics Institute (before 1983: P.N.Lebedev Physics Institute). Junior research associate.
1976-1979: Moscow State University, Physics Department. Post-graduate Trainee.
1973-1976: USSR Academy of Sciences, Space Research Institute. Engineer.


-main field: surface science, electron spectroscopy;
-other fields: optics and spectroscopy, nonlinear optics;
-current research interest: adsorption of halogens and halocarbons on metals, porous silicon.

Honors, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies:

Winner of best diploma works competition (MSU, Physics Department, 1973).


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