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B.V.Andryushechkin, K.N.Eltsov, V.M.Shevlyuga, V.Yu.Yurov, Atomic structure of saturated chlorine monolayer on Ag(111) surface, Surf.Sci. 407 (1988) L633. 17x17.pdf
B.V.Andryushechkin, K.N.Eltsov, V.M.Shevlyuga and V.Yu.Yurov, Direct STM observation of surface modifdication and growth of AgCl islands on Ag(111) upon chlorination at room temperature , Surface Science 431 (1999) 96-108. 11060.pdf
B.V. Andryushechkin, K.N. Eltsov, V.M. Shevlyuga,
Atomic structure of silver chloride formed on Ag(111) surface upon low temperature chlorination,
Surface Science (433-435)1-3 (1999) pp. 109-113
B.V. Andryushechkin, K.N. Eltsov, V.M. Shevlyuga, C. Tarducci, B. Cortigiani, U. Bardi, A. Atrei,
Epitaxial growth of AgCl layers on the Ag(100) surface,
Surface Science (421)1-2 (1999) pp. 27-32
 Spin Polarized STM 
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In addition, our gallery was updated with a MM Director presentation, devoted to carbon nanotubes.

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